Weekly Inspiration – Cleats for a Cause

I will admit, I’m not a huge football fan. Last night, however, I made an exception as I sat down with my boyfriend’s family to watch the Redskins game. Being from Baltimore, I wasn’t nearly as interested in seeing the Redskins win, but what did catch my eye was the cleats. They kept showing different designs, so I decided to look into it.

It turns out that this week, rather than fining players for shoes that didn’t comply, the NFL actually encouraged players to show their creativity. The My Cleats, My Cause campaign essentially let players design their cleats to promote a cause.

Many players went with more conservative designs closely matching their uniforms. Others took a completely different approach, making the most outrageous shoes. Take Cam Newton’s cleats for example:

What I appreciated most about the various designs was that it let players have some fun and express creativity for a good cause, something that was important to them. Too often, and likely for good reason, players get fined for voicing their opinions. As Americans loyally tune in to watch football on Sundays, seeing some of their most respected athletes promote positive change seems like a welcome addition in a world of negativity and inaccurate news stories.


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