Weekly Inspiration: Living Logos

When you think of a logo, you think of the one single identifier that represents a company or brand, but what if I told you that may be changing? Having one logo for a brand made sense in the days of static print. You can’t change the logo printed on a soda can or a company’s letterhead once it’s printed, but these days more and more of our world is going digital. It’s that transition that’s challenging the boundaries of what logos can be. No longer are they static. Instead they can become “living” representations of a company.

A great example of a well known living logo is Google’s daily doodle. Each day it changes with a new design, many days representative of something important that happened on that day in the past, and often interactive. There is no question whether you’re still at Google even when the doodle resembles very little of Google’s actual logo.

Another great example is that of the Whitney Museum. Their incredibly simple 4 lines forming a “W” responsively adjust depending on your screen size, but regardless of how condensed or spread out the lines are, they’re still representative of the brand.

The idea that logos are no longer set in stone and can change with the times is an interesting trend I hope to see continue.


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