Weekly Inspiration: The Everchanging Icon


Image from The Next Web

Earlier this week, Google rebranded its streaming/casting technology. You may know it as Chromecast, but you may not know it was even rebranded – and this isn’t the first time. I own and use a Chromecast quite frequently in my own home, and still didn’t know.

Chromecast was changed to Google Cast presumably to fit the growing number of products that supported the ability to “cast” media to another device aside from the flagship, Chromecast stick. Casting is now available in many apps and on many devices.

But now, Google’s gone ahead and changed the branding once again, and this time it’s drastic. Google Cast, formerly Chromecast, is now Google Home. Why Google Home? Google Home is Google’s new competition to the Amazon Echo, and Google wants it to be the hub of your connected home.

The new branding bears no resemblance to its former self which is likely going to confuse existing users. I also feel as though the two use cases, casting media to your TV and controlling your connected home are also unrelated or loosely at best. In a world where Alphabet (Google’s parent company) seems to have a service, app, or product for everything, I feel almost guilty for questioning whether this wouldn’t have been better suited as a new app rather than a redesign.



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