Working with Magazine Gridlines

As part of an in-class assignment last week, we were asked to trace a grid from a magazine noting the margins and columns. Unfortunately, I had to miss class, so I wasn’t able to complete the activity in class, but instead completed it on my own. For the assignment, I selected a page out of the Summer 2016 issue of UMBC Magazine.

Four times a year, a new issue of UMBC Magazine comes out, and I’ve found that one of the things that makes me want to read it (other than the fact that they continue to send them to me) is its layouts. Each page has a unique layout while still maintaining consistency.

What I appreciate most in the design of the page is ability to break up the space using both images and color that draw the reader in to specific areas. The page is information dense compared to many of the other pages of the magazine but because the content is broken up, it doesn’t appear overwhelming to the eye.


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