Weekly Inspiration: Tone It Up


I practice yoga twice a week. The studio for my Tuesday class is decorated with a mural of waves which has proved to be a driving source for my practice. My class on Sundays is in another studio and instead contains a tree mural which I find much less inspiring. During my Sunday yoga class, as I was using my new yoga mat, the Tone It Up logo I’d seen countless times before stood out to me. Inside the heart was a wave, and I realized I’d brought the waves with me to my class without even noticing.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Tone It Up, it’s a fitness and lifestyle company based in California founded by two women, Karena and Katrina. Behind their brand is their motto, Share. Love. Inspire. Sweat., and their logo represents all of those in very subtle ways. Each of the four tenants is represented by a line inside the heart (representative of love) that forms a wave paying tribute to the beach which serves as their source of inspiration.

Even the colors that were selected, coral and teal were selected with intention. Teal represents heightened levels of creativity, intuition and sensitivity, while it’s complement, coral, represents energy, beauty, and adventure – all qualities that their brand promotes.

This week’s inspiration goes to show how much design is in front of us every day. Even if we notice the design, there’s still likely a wealth of inspiration behind the design we see just waiting to be discovered.



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