Letterform Project (v.2)

It’s easy to doubt your ability in a field while you’re a grad student. You feel like your critiques may not be adequate or up to par with a “real” graphic designer. Thankfully, a missed class was actually responsible for realigning just how much we’ve learned.

Since I missed class last Monday, I turned to friends and family for feedback on my version 1 Letterforms. It turns out, getting feedback from someone isn’t as easy as it is in a class full of designers. My first response was only that the photos seemed to be representative of the concepts in the same order they were listed. The second while much more valuable, including “why” they believed each example to represent a specific concept, also included a disclaimer that if their answers were “wrong”, they’d change them.

My designs for random and static were unanimous. Even without descriptions, the ideas came through, as was the case of the x’s representing a placeholder came through for the static concept.

The two that raised questions however, were Unity and Grouping. In fact, the responses I got tended to switch the two. What I had intended to symbolize unity actually portrayed grouping to most people while what I had intended to symbolize grouping seemed like unity. As a result, I felt it was best to use my original design for grouping as unity and redesign the unity concept as grouping.

You can see my version 2 designs below:



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