Letterform Project

In school, you’re constantly trying to meet a word count for every paper you write. When you’re concerned about getting the last 1000 words finished, it’s easy to lose site of just how powerful individual letters can be.

For our Letterform project, we were asked to depict 4 concepts using only three letters. I was worried I’d have trouble coming up with designs. I didn’t think it’d be possible to depict an entire concept like unity with only three letters.

The key for my designs was to focus less on the letters themselves, but the shapes and feelings they represented. A sans serif X is very boring, serious, and monotonous and reminded me of static. The letter O could be transformed into a ring to indicate unity, and the letter C could be used as a curve.

The exercise itself was a lesson in thinking outside of the box. When it comes to design, you can’t think too literally or you will miss out on creative opportunities.


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