Photo Essay #1

For our first photo essay, I figured what better subject to pick than craft beer. These days what’s on the outside of the bottle is just as important as what is inside. I headed to Corridor in Laurel, where I was presented with no shortage of interesting uses of typography. Some were better than others at conveying their message. Some didn’t seem to know what their message was in the first place.

How Many Fonts is Too Many Fonts

Lots of fonts doesn’t have to be bad. DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus branding pulls it off. The beer to the right, however, fails miserable. In fact, I struggled to figure out what was going on. I’m still not sure what the name of the beer is.

Using Typography to Illustrate Concepts

Typography All Around Us

Walking around Corridor was fun, but typography is everywhere, and I found plenty of cases of cool typography just walking around my neighborhood. It turns out Relay has a lot of very cool signs both historical and for advertising.



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