Keyform Assignment (v.1)

The initial design process began during our first class. During class, we broke into groups and were tasked to come up with designs using dots that represented six design concepts:

  • Contrast
  • Harmony
  • Asymmetry
  • Tension
  • Movement
  • Rhythm

With the designs created, we shared our designs with classmates to get feedback to revise our initial designs. Some concepts were easily recognized (such as harmony). Others like movement and rhythm were more difficult to identify, and some were identified correctly, but for reasons other than what was intended (e.g. tension). Below you’ll find both our initial designs and revisions based on feedback. (Notes on the feedback we received can be found here.)

The Keyform assignment is a logical progression from the design process started in the in class activity. Using key forms, the goal was to recreate the concepts above along with three new concepts (two of which were of our own choice):

  • Scale
  • Depth
  • Balance

My rationale for the above designs are included from left to right, top to bottom below:

  • Asymmetry – When sliced vertically, the two halves (two keys versus three) will be unequal or asymmetric.
  • Harmony – Eight separate keys are shown interacting as one to form a circle. Additionally, the design of the key was selected due to it’s vine-like nature to represent the harmony that one finds in nature.
  • Rhythm – Rhythm is defined as a strong repeated pattern, and is depicted here by the alternating of keys in a repeated pattern.
  • Balance – A single key is depicted balancing on the point of the key below it.
  • Scale – Five identical keys are shown in decreasing size from top to bottom.
  • Contrast – Two identical keys are flipped vertically and horizontally to depict contrasting forms.
  • Movement – The keys are slanted and moving downward on the page to represent keys sliding or moving down the page.
  • Depth – Identical keys are presented in decreasing size from left to right to give the appearance of three dimension or depth.
  • Tension – Taking inspiration from the in class assignment, the idea of two opposing sides (two against one) is intended to depict tension.



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